What Is Deferred Maintenance?

Posted by Derek Peruo // February 28, 2023

Architect at work

While it may seem like a great way to cut costs, deferred maintenance can kill your reputation and bottom line.

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The Deal with Building Permits

Posted by Derek Peruo // September 27, 2021

The deal with building permits is that they are legal requirement for some rehab jobs. Find out why ‘pulling a permit’ is a great idea!

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The Best Kitchen Rehab Advice for Your Budget

Posted by Sara Lynn Peruo // July 21, 2021

finished kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a small makeover or completely transform it? Here is the best kitchen rehab advice for your budget.

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Maximize Your Small Living Space on a Budget

Posted by Sara Lynn Peruo // June 18, 2021

Do you want your place to seem larger, have better storage, and also look good? Here is how to maximize your small living space on a budget.

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