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What Are Real Estate Land Contracts?

Posted by Derek Peruo // July 10, 2018

A Real Estate Land Contracts — also called Land Contracts, Contracts for Deed, or Contracts for Sale — are purchase agreements between a buyer and a seller for a piece of real estate, and include specific loan and payment terms. The real estate can be any type of property, including undeveloped land.   Land Contracts Are […]

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10 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Posted by Derek Peruo // July 3, 2018

For many homeowners, their house is their biggest investment. And when it comes time to cash in, they want to sell their house for maximum value. When selling your home, avoid these costly mistakes to save you time and stress and help you find a buyer quickly.   Avoid a Messy, Dirty House Cleaning your […]

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What Are Cap Rate and Discounted Cash Flow?

Posted by Derek Peruo // June 25, 2018

Analyzing Deals with Cap Rate and Discounted Cash Flow

Cap Rate Cap rate is short for “capitalization rate” and is one of many metrics used by commercial real estate investors when evaluating deals. The cap rate is usually expressed as a percentage, and is equal to a building’s annual net operating income (NOI) divided by its current market value. For example, if the current […]

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