The Best Kitchen Rehab Advice for Your Budget

The Best Kitchen Rehab Advice for Your Budget

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If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, there are plenty of ways you can do this on your budget. Did you recently buy a fixer-upper with an outdated kitchen? Have you been living in your home for several years and want to give your kitchen a small makeover? Do you want to completely overhaul your kitchen and transform the space into something totally different? Here is the best kitchen rehab advice for your budget.

Kitchen rehabs under $3,000

The best kitchen rehab advice for your budget of $3,000 is to start small. If your kitchen has functional appliances and you’re happy to do the rehabbing yourself, replacing things like faucets, cupboard handles, or curtains can be a great first step in giving a tired kitchen an energy boost.

A lick of paint can also completely change the vibe in your kitchen and make it look brighter, more spacious, or more modern. Black matte paint can be used on brass knobs or handles to make them look like iron. Using stencils to invigorate old tiles instead of replacing them can save you a lot of money and installation time. It’s also worth checking sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, and Etsy for second hand fixtures like sinks, pendent lights, or vintage art. Mismatched furniture from these sites or from a second hand/antique store can also look great in your kitchen. When painted the same color, these various pieces can create a homey, country-style vibe.

Instead of adding an island to the middle of your kitchen, a simple farmhouse table can be a great, rustic alternative. For a less country, more city vibe, a pipe leg table can be a great modern alternative. There are videos tutorials online that can teach you how to make one yourself. Floating shelves are less expensive than replacing cabinets. They can really open up the room, while also showing off your nice cook wear and pottery.

If you are looking to replace old, tired cooking spaces, IKEA has some great deals on wooden block countertops. Another option would be to order a Rust-oleum Countertop Kit where you can transform your current countertop into something shiny and new. A third option, would be to install a countertop overlay. Essentially, as long as your current countertop is strong and sturdy, a thin overlay can be made to measure and placed over your already existing workspace. They can be installed quickly, make almost no mess during installation, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of throwing away your old countertops. You can read more about them here.

Don’t be afraid of a little DIY

Kitchen reno advice between $3,000-$7,000

If your kitchen renovation budget is able to extend up to $7,000 there are a few more changes you will be able to make to your kitchen. You will also be able to factor in a small budget for a handyman or handywoman to come in and help out.

Craigslist and other sites are still great places to find deals on materials like flooring and countertops.

With a budget of $7,000 you can replace older appliances, as well as cabinets. You can take up old tiles and replace them with new ones or hardwood floors. You can install backsplash subway tiles with the help of a tiler or you can simply do it yourself.

Butcher’s blocks make great kitchen islands. They are slightly smaller than a more traditional island, but they are cute and affordable. Using Airstone, you can decorate your bar, your island (or butcher’s block), or even an accent wall with faux stone tiles that look great and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Kitchen renovations from $7,000-$15,000

Some of the best kitchen rehab advice for your budget between $7,000-$15,000 is that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. With a larger budget, don’t feel stressed about asking remodeling companies to take on tasks that may soak up too much of your time. You’ll be able to spend more of it on people who specialize in renovating kitchens—people who can tackle things like tiling, appliance installation, or cabinet fitting.

With a budget up to $15,000, you can afford to be a bit pickier about the types of materials you use when refitting your kitchen. Are you looking for granite or quartz countertops? What about the linoleum or vinyl floors that need replacing? You will be able to have your pick of a variety of different mediums. Would you prefer ceramic or stone tiles for the floor or the backsplash area? Do you like oak or cherry wood for your new hardwood floors? With this budget, you will be able to explore a range of different options.

Lighting fixtures can add fun colour accents to your kitchen. You can even hire a company to come in and do a lighting plan for the entire room. This will not only brighten the space, but also make it look artistic and modern.

Hire professional help if you have the budget

When your upgrade budget is between $15,000-$25,000

With this budget, you’ll have even more freedom in choosing the materials you want to use in upgrading your kitchen. If you do end up buying all new, matching appliances, you may need to also upgrade your electrics and plumbing. However, on this budget, that is something that is certainly doable.

One thing a lot of people like are raised ovens. You can easily raise the oven, or hire someone to do so for you. That way, when you’re baking, you won’t have to bend down over and over again to open the oven door.

With a budget nearer to $25,000, you will be able to hire an interior designer to help you realize the vision you have for your new kitchen. They can help you chose materials within your budget, advise you on a color scheme, introduce you to cabinet and appliance makers, and recommend builders and contractors who specialize in kitchens.

Kitchen remodeling with a budget over $25,000

With a budget over $25,000 there’s no reason shouldn’t be able to invest in new cabinetry, appliances, lighting, and decor. Remember that labor is a huge part of the cost of renovating any room in your house. Kitchens are no exception. The more you decide to partake in DIY, the more money you can save.

For a full kitchen renovation, you may want to consider adding more wall sockets for electronic devices. You can also spend money on new window treatments, and potentially even skylights for more natural light. You will also be able to factor in opening up the room in other ways, such as knocking out walls and opening up the space, or simply moving walls over to create a new shape.

The best kitchen rehab advice for your budget of over $25,000 is to hire a project manager–if you’ve never rehabbed a kitchen before and can afford to get someone involved who has expertise, it is well worth the price. In the end, not only can a good project manager do your budgeting, hire your contractors, and manage the rehabbing schedule, but they can also save a ton of money on materials and labor while doing it!

The perks of rehabbing your kitchen

It might sound obvious that rehabbing a tired old kitchen is a perk in itself. But beyond having a beautiful kitchen that feels like new, you are also increasing the value of your house. If, for example, the houses in your area all have granite countertops, investing in granite or comparable countertops for your kitchen could help you sell your home in the future. Research is key, but even a small DIY renovation on your kitchen can make a difference to the valuation of your home, as well as how long it takes for someone to make an offer on your property in the future.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that YouTube has a video for nearly everything related to DIY projects. Almost any questions you have can be answered by an expert online in tutorial videos. A few years ago, a woman built her entire family a house after watching videos on YouTube. So… get out there, be inspired, and make your kitchen rehab dream a reality!

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you’re a property owner who is feeling overloaded by your rehab, PropShop Homes can buy your house for cash. If you feel you’ve taken on too many properties, or that renovating homes isn’t your thing, we’re here to help. No matter what state of repair it is in, we would love to talk to you. So give us a call today!

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