Maximize Your Small Living Space on a Budget

Maximize Your Small Living Space on a Budget

If you are young, just starting out as a renter, and are living in an apartment, you might be looking to maximize your small living space on a budget. Is it possible to make your studio or small one-bed look larger than it really is? What are some creative ways to store your things? How can you put a unique stamp on your place to give it that extra something-special?

Neutrality and simplicity

Light wall colors–pastels or neutral shades–will brighten up your apartment and give it a warm, inviting atmosphere. A lot of rental properties already come with neutral walls, so you may not have to do any painting at all. However, Home Depot and other retailers sell budget paints that rate well on DIY sites. So, if you need to go over your walls with a few coats, there are plenty of money-saving options.

Choosing simple furniture with exposed legs can help give your living space a more open feel. Finding solid pieces that are easy on the eye is key. If your new apartment has heavy curtains, replace them with light and airy blinds to help create a happy, vibrant, and simple vibe.

The best way to maximize your living space on a budget, as well as make sure your flat stays neutral and simple, is to declutter! Not only can decluttering make it possible to save more money, but it will also lower your stress levels and allow you to focus your energy on things you are passionate about. At the end of the day, no one wants to spend time dusting a million knicknacks. You can read about some great ways to declutter here.

Maximizing storage space for a more spacious feel

There are a lot of great storage options for apartment dwellers and studio renters who are on a budget and are looking to maximize their living space.

Hang your TV

In your main living area, a mounted TV can be hung on the wall. That way, you can avoid using a media unit–an extra piece of heavy furniture you don’t need! Small budget couches and love seats are in abundance from manufacturers such as IKEA and Wayfair.

Use furniture as storage space

Any furniture that can double as storage space is a must. You can look at online platforms like Ebay, for a wooden chest or a trunk that can be used as a coffee table. You can hide items like files, books, or table linens inside. If your living space is too small for a trunk or a coffee table, nesting tables are the perfect solution. Compact, vintage console units can easily be found cheaply on Facebook Marketplace. These can be spruced up into a functioning desk. Floating desks, like this one listed on Deskview, can be mounted on a window if you’ve run out of wall space.

In your bedroom, beds with storage drawers are helpful. If you vaccuum pack your off-season wardrobe you can save a ton of space by putting it all into your under-bed storage. Installing loose, layered shelving above your bed or over your dresser will keep your items off the floor and prevent a cluttered appearance. Corner, wall-mounted bedside tables are also great ways to maximize your bedroom on a budget. Door-hanging shoe storage creates more living space, and also to hides your possessions in a clever way.

In the kitchen and bathroom, drawer organisers can help sort out your bath and cooking products. Put up a metal bar on the wall and hang your towels or pots and pans on S hooks. This will make it possible to use cupboard space for less attractive items. DIY and home stores will always have plenty of over toilet and over/under sink units. Also, simple whicker baskets can look really great when filled with rolled towels if you don’t have a storage cupboard.

Top Tip: Mirrors always make a room look bigger. Putting up mirrors in clever places is a great way to maximize your living space!

Making your mark on a small space

Colors and textures are key when it comes to making your small living space feel like home. Accent cushions, a colourful wall mounted-lamp, a textured throw, or a piece of original art can give your apartment the boost it needs. Etsy and Shopify are great places to search for affordable, often hand-made, colorful items. Target also has an affordable home furnishings department, and IKEA does a full range of accent chairs, cushions, and wall-art.

If you live in a city like New York, it is also worth checking out The Affordable Art Fair. There you can find high-end (on the upper end of affordable) original paintings and sculptures for your new place.

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